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Join to become a member, visit your profile page and connect the accounts where you want to earn points for your activity.

Earn Points

After you’ve connected your accounts do the activities in the points breakdown chart to earn points every day!

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Visit the prize store to spend your points on redeemables, auctions, and prizes. The more you earn, the more you can Redeem!

Points Breakdown

Amount Limit Activity
500 NA Join Rhody Ruckus
250 NA Install the FREE Rhody Rewards app
100 NA Connect your Twitter account
100 NA Connect your Facebook account
100 NA Create your FREE Rhody Rewards account
50 NA Attend a home URI game or Ryan Center event (select events may be worth more points)
10 2/day Like a GoRhodyRams or TheRyanCenter Facebook post
1 NA Earn 1 point per dollar spent on URI Athletic tickets purchased online
1 NA Earn 1 point per dollar spent on Ryan Center Concert/Event tickets purchased online

We are experiencing technical difficulties for members who have received points for purchasing tickets. As part of the process to correct the problem, point totals have been reset to zero. They will return to the correct amount once the problem has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
Download the FREE Rhody Rewards mobile app. Simply check-in on the app upon arrival at any athletic event or Ryan Center show to receive your points. At home basketball games, concerts and shows, there are two additional ways to check-in. You may check-in automatically by turning on the Bluetooth on your smartphone. Rhody Rewards' beacon technology inside the Ryan Center will automatically detect the app on your phone and award the points to your account without the need to manually check-in. Additionally, fans who have purchased tickets online via their Ram Account will automatically earn points once their tickets are scanned at the event. In order for your points to be credited automatically, your Ram Account MUST be connected to your rewards account and the two must share the same email address. In most cases, this has already been done for you.
To receive points for purchasing tickets to any home athletic event, concert or show, your Ticket Office ID must be linked to your rewards account. In most cases, this has already been done for you. To manually connect your Ticket Office ID, visit your profile and click on the "Ticketing" link. When you purchase tickets online using your Ram Account, you will receive one point per dollar spent. When you purchase tickets at the Ryan Center on the day of the event, it is unlikely that the transaction will be credited to your ticket office account. To maximize your Rhody Rewards points, be sure to purchase your tickets online before each event.
There are two types of prizes that you may redeem using your points - items and sweepstakes. Items are prizes that you earn automatically when you redeem the designated number of points for them. You will receive an automatic email after redeeming your prize with instructions for how to pick-up your item. At this time, we are unable to mail prizes. Sweepstakes are prizes that are not guaranteed. Each entry into a sweepstakes requires a designated number of points. You may enter an unlimited number of times before the sweepstakes expires. Once the sweepstakes ends, a winner will be selected randomly and notified via email. In some cases, sweepstakes may be restricted to specific members such as season ticket holders or Rhody Ruckus members.
Beacons are small devices that are programmed to recognize the presence of a specific mobile application within a defined radius. When a beacon detects the app, it can alert the app to complete a certain action. With Rhody Rewards, beacons are used at the Ryan Center to detect the free Rhody Rewards app on members' smartphones. Once detected, the beacons will automatically award points to your account for attending an event. Additionally, the app may deliver a push notification to your phone to welcome you to the game or to deliver a special coupon for use at the event. Beacons are 100% secure. They detect your phone's location only when it is within a small radius of the beacon (usually no more than 20 feet) and only when your Bluetooth is enabled. The location of any individual phone can never be accessed, viewed or shared by URI Athletics, The Ryan Center or any third-party entity.
It is not possible to divide points among multiple rewards accounts. The account holder of the season tickets or suite will receive all of the points for the group's purchase. Each member is encouraged to download the free Rhody Rewards app to earn their own points for attending events.
Basketball ticket purchases will be reflected in your point total after the full schedule is finalized. It is expected that points will be awarded for basketball tickets by late September.
Rhody Ruckus members must be updated manually within the rewards system. Updates are done on a weekly basis, so it may take up to five business days for your bonus points to appear.
No, all accounts will be reset to zero points at the conclusion of each academic year.
Of course! You are still able to earn points by following and engaging with official social media accounts. If you have connected your Ram Account with the Ryan Center Box Office, you will also receive points for purchasing and for using your tickets at each event.